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Heritage in



Development through Culture.




Heritage in Action (HiA) works with local organizations and cultural sites to drive socio-economic growth around the world.

We aim to elevate cultural heritage as an integral part of development processes through media and storytelling, travel and exploration, and hands-on engagement with cultural places and the communities connected to them.

Recognizing that the bond between cultural places and the groups who use them fosters local values, we create engaging platforms that expand development opportunities, while building meaningful connections between people and places.


HiA works hard to develop initiatives and platforms that foster culture, social justice and greater access to economic opportunities. We partner with local organizations and communities to support sustainable development alongside cultural diplomacy, understanding and preservation.



KELLY KRAUSE, Founder and President

Kelly is the Founder and President of Heritage in Action (HiA), a San Francisco-based heritage management company that promotes socio-economic sustainability through cultural heritage, tourism, storytelling and community engagement.


Through her experience with non-profits, government institutions and media networks that include the Egyptian Ministry for Heritage and Antiquities, the Qatar Museums Authority, UNESCO and the Discovery Channel, Kelly aims to enable Egypt's culture and tourism sectors as mechanisms for furthering Egypt's socio-economic growth and stability.

Kelly is a graduate of Boston University and the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. She currently serves as an Associate Trustee for the Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organization (ECHO) and as a Research Associate for the Centre for Applied Archaeology at University College London.

Claudia is the Co-founder and Managing Director of HiA. Claudia combines her professional experience in marketing and management to oversee strategic planning and development for HiA, growing avenues that support cross-cultural dialogue and exchange. Her work and activities have taken her all over the world, supporting unique projects and organizations in Japan, Cambodia, Italy and Germany.

Claudia holds a M.B.A. from the University of Cologne and a journalism certificate from the Free Journalism School in Berlin. She has worked with organizations that include the Association for the Protection of Afghan Archaeology, and served on the board of governors for the non-profit organization SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone and on the board of directors for the Society for Asian Art.

CLAUDIA BROSE, Co-founder and Managing Director


San Francisco, USA  



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